Here you will find a collection of one-of-a-kind coiled rope pieces from our studio inventory, sold at discounted prices. These may have been samples, explorations, or simply something made outside of our typical dimensions or shapes. Unless noted in the description, there is only one of each item and they will not be remade.

Since 2010, Doug Johnston has been focused on a process of coiling and stitching rope into a wide variety of work ranging from art objects to furniture, vessels and bags. Stemming from an interest in transforming braided cotton cord into simple baskets, the work connects a long history of spatial creation, from natural rock formations and canyons to architectural and sculptural spaces by utilizing technologies such as rope, coiled vessel construction, and industrial sewing machines mixed with the principles of Modernist design and 3D printing. Each piece is made in Brooklyn, NY by simultaneously coiling, hand-forming, and sewing braided cordage using vintage industrial sewing machines.

Since 2012, much of the studio output has been in collaboration with Doug's wife, artist and designer Tomoe Matsuoka, as well as a small team of highly skilled assistants.